2880 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV
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Ticket Cost/s: Regular Daily Pass $26.95 (48 inches tall or taller) Junior Daily Pass $16.95 (Under 48 inches tall) Individual Ride Prices: Premium Rides - $8 each Large Rides - $5 each Junior Rides $5 each Family Rides - $5 each
Schedule: Monday - Thursday, 11 a.m. - 6 p.m.; Friday - Saturday, 11 a.m. - midnight; Sunday, 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.
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Attraction Type: Indoor Theme park
Distance from Strip: On the strip
Attraction Duration: Varies
Time: daynight
Ages(min/recom): 2 years/2 to 15
Fun Value: high
Educ'l Value: medium


Adventuredome Theme Park provides a large choice of entertainment, which includes anything from the loop roller coaster and other stomach twisting rides to the gentler ones providing a more moderate thrill suitable for the kids, including the imaginative jugglers and magicians! Though an indoor park, the glass dome allows natural light to illuminate the area without letting in too much of the heat of the sun. This is definitely one of the best kid friendly amusement parks in the whole of Las Vegas. It offers a menu of attractions for all ages, such as premium, large, family and junior rides. Listed here are some of the attractions on offer.
Special FX Theatre with Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants (4-D Special Effects Ride Films)
Disk’O (Spinning Ride)
Canyon Blaster (Roller Coaster)
Rim Runner (Waterchute Ride)
Sling Shot (Tower Ride)
Chaos (Spinning & Tilting Ride)
Inverter (360 Counter-Rotation Ride)
SimEx Extreme Ride Theater, Happy Feet
Lazer Blast (Laser Tag Adventure)

Canyon Cars (Bumper Cars)
Sand Pirate (Swinging Ship)

Frog Hopper (Jr. Tower Ride)
Miner Mike (Jr. Roller Coaster)
Thunderbirds (Jr. Plane Ride)

B.C. Bus (Bus Ride)
Circus Carousel (Merry-Go-Round)
Drifters (Ferris Wheel)
Road Runner (Mini-Himalaya Ride)